Video Production

Feel the Formula 1 drive



To remind that Renault is a participant and twice winner of Formula 1 and to give Renault owners a reason to be proud of their cars.


We celebrated 40th anniversary of Renault participation in Formula 1 at large Kiev Gas stations.

Launch video teaser on the internet, encouraging users to subscribe to youtube Renault Ukraine official channels.

We have organized a big event, where Renault Pit stop team was greeting every Renault driver at the large gas stations in Kiev, helping them with fueling and tuning their cars. Giving them a chance to experience the brand and high quality of Renault services and technologies.

Short web videos – every day dozens of participants videos were upload to the official Renault Youtube channel.

Implemented a TRK Ukraine sponsorship support– every day, during the whole week TV journalist was reporting at the events.


What have
we got?


washed cars


liters of detergent used


minutes of branded video content created


surprised passers-by

2,5 million

audience reached on TV

2,2 million

of users reached on the internet

545 000

of free reach in facebook

42 000

of redirects to the Renault website
And a myriad of smiles, delivered from Formula 1 drive by Renault Ukraine pit-stop team!

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