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Jeep is Jeep

Due to its legendary endurance? Jeep has become a commonly used noun a long time ago. But in 2018 the brand decides once and for all to prove that the real "jeep" can only be Jeep.



To create an image video for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 launch in Ukraine that presents legendary car in a spectacular way.



For the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 launch video, we have decided to highlight what this car is the legendary for – its power, strength and character. American football is a sport that is associated with these concepts, like no other.

That's why we have decided to attract uncompromising guys from Kyiv Patriots american football team to demonstrate their strength, power and character in a spectacular collision with Jeep.

We thought that the city stadium was too small for this epic battle. So, we shot the video at the location, where the players and the car could show maximum of their strength, power and character.

On a sand quarry near Kyiv.



We have created a dramatic 60-second video in the Hollywood trailer-style, keeping the twist to the very end.

This allowed us to achieve an impressive result - average time spent watching our ad on YouTube was 57 seconds.

This means that almost every viewer was interested in the ending of an epic battle between Jeep and Kyiv Patriots.


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