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Jeep in 2018 preserves the traditions of its legendary brand and rethinks them to fit the modern city style in the lineup of new powerful cars.



To show off both of the main brand aspects: legendary off-road car and great look in the city.

Make a project with bloggers for the Jeep.

Remind people about the Jeep brand and communicate advantages of a selection of Jeep models to different target audiences, using native blogger content.



We came up with an idea #JeepWasHere.

To make the project more relevant to the target audience we decided to involve famous Ukrainian influencers.

According to the idea, bloggers were asked to show and talk about two of their favorite places: in the city and beyond, all driving a Jeep. On the way, they talk about features of Jeep and post it on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Each blogger had to make at least 3 posts with a Jeep photo and their story about their favorite places.


Here are our bloggers

Arevik Arzumanova

Anatoliy Anatolich

Andrey Shabanov

Denis Minin


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