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Admire emotions of Hopsy!

Advertising campaign for the brand "Hopsy" («Хопси» in ukr.) has been launched in Ukraine in autumn 2017. We were tasked to create a non-standard solution to support the main campaign, leveraging trendy communication channels.

We have decided to use Viber as the most popular instant messenger in Ukraine and to launch an animated sticker pack “Hopsy”.

  • Liri
  • Think
  • Breasy
  • Halk
  • Dreama

Hopsy – are five heroes who live inside the tree and make healthy yoghurts for kids. They are full of drive, adventurism and energy.


Creating the concept

We have created three different concepts.
  • Hopsy are personal coaches who inspire to take on the new challenges

  • Hopsy are healthy lifestyle fans. They remind us to do sports and keep us away from the junk food.

  • Hopsy are everyday heroes, who talk about common, but moving topics in a fun and engaging way.

We picked the third option.

Building situations

As characters are all different, we have chosen individual emotions that match each of them. We have created 18 simple emotions that users can share quickly in day-to-day messaging.

After that, we sketched it!


Then we colored them




And gave them voice!

Woop! and Viber sticker pack is done!


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