Viber stickers

The first Ukrainian sticker pack with Italian atmosphere

The most delicate Viber sticker pack for the launch of the new line of Dolce desserts “Italian Collection”.



The task of stickerpack is to give the user Italian mood and deliver those moments of pleasure when you try a delicious dessert.


The main character of the sticker pack is always hiding behind the mask, creating intrigue and causing the desire to taste something forbidden, which means incredibly tasty.



  • Vivid Creative Director

    “In order to deliver right atmosphere, we used watercolor style, sophisticated shapes and phrases borrowed from the Italian language”

  • Vivid Illustrator

    “This is a project that can be savored in the literal and figurative sense. The search for the shape of the lips, the touch of the brush, the color of the creamy dessert mass - the work has never brought so much pleasure. ”

  • Vivid creative copywriter

    “It's cool when you have a lot of different options in your arsenal to express feelings and emotions in the messenger, right? So we created stickers that would add exquisite Italian notes to the ordinary “Love” and “Cool”. In my opinion, the sticker pack is “Perfetto”.

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