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Curtis – tea with the taste of adventure



To develop a Curtis brand digital communication strategy for Q3 and Q4 2018.

To reveal and show the unusual taste of tea In communication as much as possible.



We have developed an incredibly exciting communication platform for the Curtis brand.

Imagine that a sip of tea can spill you onto a sunny island right in the middle of winter, or drop you off on a Parisian balcony enveloped in the scent of truffle.

Curtis tea has such a bright taste and aroma that it turns on the imagination and pushes you into the rich world of fantasy.


Website. Product part

The site consists of two parts:

«Give me a taste» is a section in which each tea is presented in its floating and alluring universe of fruits, aromas and tea leaves.


Website. Interactive part

«Give me an adventure» is an interactive section where we tried to create an incredible adventure for the lovers of the rich life taste and surprises.

The site uses multi-layer parallax, which works through a gyroscope or motion detector in mobile devices, and mouse movement on the desktop, thus creating a super realistic immersion.


SMM strategy

We have created the most positive and interesting content for the user.

Each post - is a separate art object with animations, videos and fruit branded teapots.

As part of the SMM strategy, interesting contests, which ensured the maximum involvement of users, were implemented.


Influencer project

As a part of the digital brand strategy, we also invented and implemented “Tea look” project with bloggers, in which the influencers picked up looks, inspired by the flavors of Curtis tea, called on their subscribers to vote for the best look and spread Curtis tea sets among the voters.


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