Video production

Syrup, pills, rock’n’roll

Abrol –medicine from cough, which exists in the form of syrup for children from birth, in the form of tablets – for children over 6 years old and adults.



To create a TV commercial. To show Abrol as a medicine for all ages. Video should be family, positive, emotional and understandable for audience.



We have received the brief with cool storytelling at first. Then, we have developed it in rhymed stop-motion story about a family of rock'n'rollers. Where the father and the son have got ill and their witty young mom was rescuing them with Abrol to return the vibe of drive to the family.



After that, on the set we continued creating the magic world of stop-motion and filled it by hand-made details – origami ships, which successfully completed the story.



In the world, where even the books and papers get alive we have returned full drive to the family of rock’n’rollers.


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